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Stay Focused

With 1,927 confirmed deaths yesterday alone, COVID-19 is now the #1 leading cause of death in the United States. For reference, heart disease is responsible for 1,774 deaths per day and cancer is responsible for 1,641.

That number in itself is a tragedy, but the unfortunate fact is that it's growing every single day. In fact, the total number of confirmed deaths by COVID-19 in the US alone is currently 12,675. It's hard to even imagine or begin to sympathize with a number, which is why I'm going to share this person's story that really affected me as well:

"My friend's dad died of it. Relatively healthy guy in his late 50's. Mild symptoms, worse symptoms, tested, hospitalised, put in ICU, put into a coma, dead. All in the space of 7 days. It really shook me up and made me realise how serious it is. The guy is only 25 and still living with his parents, my heart breaks for him." - SerSonett

This is not just the flu.

This is not going away any time soon.

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Running My Virtual 5K Race

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I did indeed run the Milwaukee Marathon Virtual 5K race yesterday and I wasn't totally alone–my partner and daughter came with me to go for a walk around the park and cheer me on!

I'm proud to say that it went very well! I ended up not only running faster than I have been recently (which was my goal), but I also ran 5K in a personal record time of 25 minutes and 44 seconds!

In all, because my measuring of the route was imperfect, I actually ended up running a total of 3.28 miles in 27 minutes and 10 seconds, which actually itself would have still been a personal record for a 5K run.

Yeah, I'm still bummed that the full event was cancelled because of this COVID-19 pandemic, but I and my lovely, supportive family managed to make it a special event regardless.

Stay healthy and sane!

Planning My Virtual 5K Run

My brother was nice enough to sign me up for my first public 5K race as a gift this past Christmas. The Milwaukee Marathon 5K race was scheduled for April 11th until it was cancelled and converted into a virtual race in the early days of the US pandemic. "Virtual race" means that each racer is to pick a time and place that is convenient for them to run, run the distance they signed up for at that chosen time and place, and submit their finishing time (on the honor system) to receive a certificate of completion.

I decided early on that I wanted to run my 5K sometime around when the race was originally scheduled. I also wanted to do it somewhere different than where I regularly run to make it feel somewhat special. This weekend I took to planning the details.
Using I searched for areas I hadn't run before that seemed ideal. For me, an ideal route has to meet as many of the following criteria as possible: Is nearbyIs relatively flatDoesn't cross any street…

Cleaning and Enjoying The Yard

As you might recall, one of the items on our quarantine projects list is to clean up the yard. Well, seeing as the sun was shining, the temperature got up to around 48F, and we don't have much else going on right now, that's the task we focused on this weekend.

Basically that meant raking the lawn, clearing the patio, and looking up how to go about bringing our patchy back yard back to life this year so that it can be a safe and lush place for our daughter to play. While we were at it, I adjusted the outdoor lights I put up recently so that they hang more evenly and my partner cleaned the equipment on our jungle gym so that our daughter can enjoy it for the first time.
Overall it's been another fun, productive, and mostly carefree weekend! I'm curious to see how the week goes now that my partner will be home parenting full-time. To try and make the prospect of not working sound more fun for her, I've started calling it "maternity leave part two."
Stay hea…

At Least There's Less Pollution

This morning I came across this article reporting on how people in Jalandhar, Punjab are now able to clearly see a section of the beautiful Himalayan mountain range from their homes 143 miles away for the first time in their lives–and historically for the first time since WWII–because of the lockdown.
This echoes the story that went viral a few weeks back about the Venice canals returning to their natural clarity. Except while the Venice canals merely look prettier but are not necessarily healthier with reduced human intervention, the Himalayan mountains have been revealed specifically by the reduced amount of garbage being pumped into the air.
Consider it this way: those mountains should be visible to this town all the time, but the younger residents didn't even know what they were missing because of how gradual the change has been over the last 75 years. It's stuff like this that makes climate change so infuriatingly difficult to talk to people about–few people seem to care…

Feeling Chill But Guilty About It

Whether it's because things haven't peaked as quickly as I worried, or because I'm pretty good at adapting, or because the fear and uncertainty were just too much to handle, I've spent this whole week feeling pretty chill about the COVID-19 pandemic. I also feel kind of guilty about feeling chill about it.

Of course, the whiplash of first getting back into our routine with sending our daughter to her grandparents' house for the mornings only to find out the very next day that my partner won't be working for a while has been stressful. However, as far as my fear of society breaking down and loved ones dying from a viral plague goes, I just haven't been thinking or worrying about it lately.

As I said, this is probably because the pandemic hasn't come knocking on my door yet, or because it only took me two weeks to adjust to the new way of living, or because my brain just decided it couldn't handle the worry and decided to block whatever chemical cause…

The Temperature is Rising

For the first time in a while, the weather forecast doesn't look very depressing. It looks like we're going to have temperature highs of at least 48F and the low is only going to just barely approach freezing a few more times, with only a few days of rain in the near future. This is much-needed, since the COVID-19 pandemic has otherwise had everyone stuck indoors. Of course it would be nicer if we could get outside and actually do things in the nice weather, but I'll take it for what it's worth.

I watched a news clip where a local police captain talked about how people are encouraged to get outside while complying with social distancing rules.

"As this goes on longer and longer and people understand what it's about, we will increase our enforcement, and if people are blatantly violating the order, we will make arrests and issue citations," Zalewski said.

It makes me wonder if, as the weather improves, there's going to be a point in the near future whe…